To our Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Customers,

Update on the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We at DCDS want to ensure the safety of our team members, customers and the communities we service.  

 The risk when transporting and cleaning clothing from the general public is considered very small at this point. General standard hygienic procedures we have outlined for our locations are:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow.
  • Use tissues.
  • Routine cleaning of hard surfaces with a disinfectant.
  • Availability of hand sanitizers throughout the plant and counter area.
  • Drivers should routinely use hand sanitizers and wipe down the steering wheel and other hard surfaces frequently handled.


We have received several inquiries about the effect that our cleaning process has on the coronavirus (COVID-19). Here are several facts that address the issue to the extent that it can now be addressed:

TREBON PLUS is a safe, effiective and economical detergent for shirt washing applications. Formulated without borates. phosphates, APEO (alkylphenolethoxylates) and NTA (nitrilotriacetate), TREBON PLUS is both free of environmentally-harmful ingredients and extremely successful removing stains and protecting textiles. This super-concentrated, heavy-duty powder formula contains active oxygen bleach and optical brighteners, so whites stay brilliantly white. In fact. the bleaching system found in TREBON PLUS is so broadly effective and powerful against stains that no other special detergents are required. Due to the broad range of enzymes and high grade surfactants it is extremely effective in removing proteins and grease stains, which allows it to thoroughly remove cuff and collar soils without pre-brushing. When combined. these properties make TREBON PLUS an ideal solution for shirt laundries.

At this point in time, the specifics of the epidemiology of the COVID-19 have not been identified.

Wiih unique antimicrobiai properties TREBON PLUS; offers an excellent option to in-house laundries of residential facilities, retirement homes, nuising homes. hospitals and surgeries where transference of biologic contaminants is of particular concern.

TREBON PLUS has been independently tested in Europe to kill a high number of common pathogens, including most common bacteria and fungi, at temperatures as low as 40″C (‘104″F). lt has been classified as a chemo-thermal single-bath procedure at 60’C (140″C) by the Robert Koch institute (RKi), Berlin (Type,A/B) and by the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology. Because of these hygienic properties TREBON PLUS is an excellent opinion for laundries servicing the unique needs of these types of facilities,